George Washington on "Greatness", Trump, and Hair

The secret of Donald Trump's hair, along with the secret of George Washington's success, and more, in my new book TRUMP: God-King.


  1. What a lonely, comment-less page...

    I used to be against comments, me being a whole book author and all, but then I realised—my book had tons of comments, in the form of suggestions from my editor. So...edit, world, feedback, comment, suggest.

    Cheers (!)

  2. Oh, and, happy George Washington's Birthday !!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Uncle George... Question- you say they powdered their hair to absorb the oils- but why then did they powder the wigs as well? Blog more... it will keep you young.

    1. I'm glad you read this so carefully! What an honour...that very thought occurred to me as I was writing. I have a rule, though, that I refuse to look anything when I write one of these...or I'd just feel compelled to double-check everything.

      To be honest, the bit about GW gussying up his own hair I got from Mount Vernon when I was, like, seven, and never forgot. The bit about the powder absorbing oil I got from a hair salon that sold all sorts of strange hair stuff, including retro-hair powder, and someone explained it to me.

      I think I even bought some hair powder, to honour G, but never actually tried it!

      So, I have no idea about powdered wigs. I could look it up, but that would break my rule about posts like this. I just have to live with being occasionally ignorant, sometimes wrong, but not obsessive (in these posts, certainly not elsewhere :D (!)

      Thanks again for the comment :D

  4. Excellent essay! Your point about the ineffectiveness (if that is even a word) of the "fix this or that, one little thing at a time", rather than doing away with gobs of "over-government-ing" (yeah, I KNOW that's not one) is spot-on.

    As far as the powdering, I remember sometime back in the 80s (1980s, rather than 1780s) seeing TV commercials for "dry shampoos", which were used, not in the shower, but anytime, to "clean" the hair. I remember this, because at the time, I had a friend who routinely used Baby Powder on his hair rather than washing it with shampoo in the shower. He used it on his dry hair, and I remember that it did, in fact, appear to make the hair less "greasy" looking and more presentable. Thanks for the article.


    1. Was your friend, um, popular with girls?

      Thanks for the reply. I'm happy to report I earned $1.84 in ad revenue from his post, so clearly well worth my time. Three more with this much success and I can buy my own bottle of baby powder.

      No, but, seriously, thanks for the thoughtful reply!


22 Feb, 2017

I used to have no comments on this blog, as there is something kind of cool about, say, The New Yorker, which doesn't sink to that level (the level to which comments so often sink!)

But I'm gonna try it, just this once, to see what happens.