Goodreads Author Profile - Insane, Great....or Both?!?

Well, I've got to update my Goodreads Author Profile, in anticipation of my new book.

Is this the work of a madman? A highly caffeinated human being?

My Second Book

I learned a heckuva lot from making my first book.

But not enough to be serious in the business arena. (Arena?)

I want to put out the first third of my new book, myself. I can, because my contract with my publisher....well, without going into the details, I can (!)

But this means I've got to find someone to edit it.

I wonder if I'll have success with this collective of editors I found online, whose form I just filled this:

Briefly, tell us about your book and what kind of help you need *

My book has words and pages. As for the "help you need", glad you asked.