George Washington on "Greatness", Trump, and Hair

I wrote, according to at least one review, the “best book ever written” about George Washington, which gave me the idea to write about what George Washington would think of Donald Trump. I thought about it for a day or two, and had lots of ideas, but none of them really floated my boat.

So I gave up.

Then, this morning, half asleep, I wrote this entire essay. Orson Welles used to do that—go to sleep telling himself to write a scene for his current movie, and wake up with the whole thing in his head. It was slightly different for me, as I'd actually given up on the idea.

But, brains are funny things (or is it just me?) In my dreams (as you will see), something happened. Here, in its somnambulant glory, is what my brain concocted (hey, don't blame me, I was sleeping!) (My effusion is below the ad—hey, I gotta make a "george" or two, too....)

Pass it on, if ya like it, and if you don't, please leave a comment telling me why you don't. (Not being a total masochist, also feel free to tell me why you like it, if you happen to be inclined/deranged enough to find merit in this blather)...(!)

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