Blogging Wastes Time...? Diamonds in a Coal Mine

It does seem a bit of a waste of time to write a blog. You can even see how it might be counter-productive.

I, personally, see writing as something like diamond mining. (Which means I get half-enslaved demi-serfs to risk their lives...? Well, it's a metaphor, not a comparison.)

The point is, you write (and write) and write (and write) and occasionally find a diamond. But, of course, then the diamond needs to be polished, and then set.

It's a laborious process.

The book, though, is jewelry. The reader doesn't see the miners, the mud, the rocks, the uncut diamond, or even the perfectly cut diamond before it's put in the tiara. (Or whatever.)

A blog, by definition, is more like a long view of a distant mountain in which there might be diamonds.

The fear is, you see, it might put off the (potential) reader who might doubt your book's potential. Both the book, and the blog, are words strung together, after all.

But they are as different as a mountain, and a tiara.

This is the muddy mountain.

* * *

I think I've decided – in fact, I know I've pretty much decided (which is a subtle and pointless distinction, the kind that would be cut like a diseased boil from a book, but remains, pustulent, here – ) as I was saying, I think that the book after this coming one – which is almost finished, too – should be a movie.

I think I'll do it the modern way. Put an ad in Craiglist or something, look for a crew, and just make the damned thing. Kickstarter, and all that.

The old-fashioned world bores me.

And, now, the cartoon of the day:

Did I hire a cartoonist, do extensive character development, subcontract a team of Indonesians to make the thing? No, just my iPhone.

The modern world rocks.

More more more!!!