Goodreads Author Profile - Insane, Great....or Both?!?

Well, I've got to update my Goodreads Author Profile, in anticipation of my new book.

Is this the work of a madman? A highly caffeinated human being?




Saki, Salinger, and St. Exupery. And Vonnegut.

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April 2014

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My favorite authors are Saki, Salinger, and St. Exupery. And Vonnegut.

I guess I like S (how do you spell "S" in plural?!?) (No, no, no, not with an apostrophe...geez..)

I think, once, while at the S section, I tripped and hit my head on the Vs. (Oh, that’s how!!!...Vs is clearly plural for V, so….wait….No, no, but, see, that wouldn't work for S. With Vs it’s okay. But, “Ss”? Then you just start thinking about Nazis. Or maybe a large Nazi standing next to a small Nazi...Maybe Laurel and Hardy playing Nazis? And it gets all confusing suddenly…)

Where was I? Oh, yeah:

If you want to know more "About Me” read my books.

Much more interesting than little ‘ol me…

(Actually, what a falsely self-deprecating lie. In truthful sincerity, my books are, more, like me, distilled, refined, and edited. If I’m like silkworms…”Worms?!? Oooohh!!!” books are like a silk tie made by fine Venetian tie-makers – I have a nice tie from Venice, which made me think of that.)

See, unedited, I suck. (Relatively speaking. I mean, even here, I’m still better than television. You’ve got to give me that.)

But, imagine a billion ideas like this a day, for years and years, with the best ones – the few diamonds buried in a sea of coal – taken out, turned into thread, woven into fine silk, dyed by Venetian artisans, and then cut and sewn into a tie, which somehow perpetually evokes the shimmering waters of the canals of Venice, on a Spring morning, before the tourists have arrived for the summer.

Then, you have my books.

Read them.