My Second Book

I learned a heckuva lot from making my first book.

But not enough to be serious in the business arena. (Arena?)

I want to put out the first third of my new book, myself. I can, because my contract with my publisher....well, without going into the details, I can (!)

But this means I've got to find someone to edit it.

I wonder if I'll have success with this collective of editors I found online, whose form I just filled this:

Briefly, tell us about your book and what kind of help you need *

My book has words and pages. As for the "help you need", glad you asked.

Primarily, financial. If you could just send money along, that would be jim-dandy.

I published my first book with Regnery, (  but thought I'd now experiment with what I had thought, before this morning, was my bizarre idea of fiction, by putting out (publishing) 20,000 words, 1/3 of this new tome, and seeing what happens.

(I don't like to view it as "self-publishing" as that has such a low-grade ring. And, anyway, I'd be publishing with Gumroad and/or Amazon, and Goodreads, and my publicist. And my editor (as yet to be found.)

So, not, alone, y'know? More like a publishing orgy, rather than publishing ma...y'know.

So, how, how? Something...cyber, surely.

Twitter? Amazon? Something big, and from Silicon Valley, that involves electrons. And money. And Stanford, I'm pretty sure.

And caffeine.

* * *

More to the point:

I only learned, this morning, that what I thought was my bizarre and idiosyncratic (not to mention iconoclastic and all sorts of other big words I only half understand) - yeah, what I thought was my bizarre and unsellable non-genre is the hot genre, according to this morning's Wall Street Journal. Go figure.

By the way I'm poor, so don't count on jacking up your prices just because I've got a slick book video. Looks can be deceiving.

Ciao, grazie, and danka

In what state do you live? *

Regrettably disheveled

How did you hear about us?

I didn't, I read about you

Coupon code

Open sesame

Do you plan to publish traditionally or self-publish?


* * *

I've always noticed that the best actors –  and the most experienced ones – seem to have the most insouciant (I love that word, though not sure precisely what it means) – yeah, the most insouciant bios in theatre programs.

Thus, my insouciant reply to this collective of potential editors' somewhat drab and business-like questions.


Wake up!!!

adjective: insouciant
  1. showing a casual lack of concern; indifferent.
    "an insouciant shrug"
    synonyms:nonchalant, untroubled, unworried, unruffled, unconcerned, indifferent,blasé, heedless, careless;